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Frequently Asked Questions

Legal Documentation

State-Specific Legal Documentation
Tailored legal documents that comply with each state’s regulations where your business operates. This includes all necessary filings to legally surcharge in 48 states excluding Massachusetts and New Hampshire where it is prohibited.

Onsite Disclosure Documentation

In-Store Disclosure Requirements
Custom-designed signage and documentation that meet state and federal rules for clear and conspicuous in-store surcharge disclosures.

Mobile and Web Disclosure Compliance
Digital disclosure statements and designs optimized for mobile and web platforms, ensuring online compliance with clickable or easily accessible surcharge information.

Employee Training Program

Comprehensive Training Materials
Detailed guides and digital training modules to educate your staff on the correct procedures for surcharging and disclosure, both in-store and online.

Certification of Completion
Employees will receive certification upon completing the training, reinforcing the importance of compliance and ensuring accountability.

Visual and Multimedia Compliance Elements

Custom-Designed Signage
Professionally designed signs and notices for physical locations, tailored to meet your brand’s aesthetic while ensuring compliance.

Digital Assets
A suite of digital banners, pop-ups, and notification designs for your website and mobile app, ensuring your digital platforms are compliant.

Additional Benefits

24/7 Support
Access to our compliance experts for any queries or updates to legal requirements, ensuring your business remains compliant as laws evolve.

Compliance Guarantee
Assurance that all provided materials and training are up-to-date with the latest legal standards, minimizing the risk of penalties.

Implementation Timeline

Upon purchase, Fee Free will initiate the compliance package setup, targeting a complete implementation within 4-6 weeks. This timeline allows for the customization of legal documents, design of disclosure materials, and coordination of  your employee training sessions

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